Motivation is everything

I am often at the mercy of my inspiration and find myself energised and obsessed by a particular idea. If not for this ‘idea overflow’, desperate to get out of me, I don’t think I would have become a writer. Those moments of complete expression seem to reveal more closely what I’m feeling, more evocatively what I’m imagining, more powerfully what I’m ranting. Those rare instances take the work out of writing for me and make it an addictive and empowering pastime. As I set out to research it, I understood nothing of this phenomenon. It was merely, ‘an inexplicable sense of knowing,’ that I now know can be attributed to parts of my brain sensing that a solution or idea is lurking nearby.

Upon studying various theories of creativity, I have felt frustrated by the various attempts of logical academics attempting to dissect creativity; their observations conflicted with my personal experiences of creativity. In a way then, this dissertation is born out of the tension between the conflicting ideas of my inner creativity and the cultural concept of creativity. This dissertation is an attempt to resolve this tension through understanding the processes of the brain and how it has come to be called ‘creative’.